Training - Lessons



*** Typically you Train in YOUR PPC for the TRAINING PACKAGE PRICE of $1500.  We follow the EAA's training guide.

        Training in our Factory PPC is available,  added cost.  Please ask about this.

        Training is aproximately 12-15 hours.   Ground school is about 3 - 4 hours of this total.   A written test is given.


       IF you elect to train elsewhere, that is your option.  You will sign a waiver that you wish to take training elsewhere.

 We elect to use the EAA's training guide to make sure we cover what is a good amount of knowledge you will want for your best safetys interest.   Remember - There is no FAA certified course for training in an ultralight vehicle, such as the PPC.

You will also sign Training Liability Waivers.   No amount of training can gaurantee 100% safe flights.





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