Training - Lessons



*** Typically you Train in YOUR PPC for the TRAINING PACKAGE PRICE of $2200.  We follow the EAA's training guide.  This is for Part 103 ultralight vehicles.  Not FAA certified.

Training is from a person or persons that are passing on thier experiences of PPC flight.

These persons have no FAA training and should not be considered Certified Flight Instructors. 

        Training in our Factory PPC is available,  added cost.  Please ask about this.

        Training is aproximately 20 hours.   Ground school is about 8-10 hours of this total.   A Final written test is given.   Periodic written test given per subject category.


       IF you elect to train elsewhere, that is your option.  You will sign a waiver that you wish to take training elsewhere if you purchase a PPC from Falcon Manufacturing.

 We elect to use the EAA's training guide to make sure we cover what is a good amount of knowledge you will want for your best safetys interest.   Remember - There is no FAA certified course for training in an ultralight vehicle, such as the PPC.

You will also sign Training Liability Waivers.   No amount of training can gaurantee 100% safe flights.   You fly at YOUR OWN RISK!




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