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Introducing the MERLIN - Powered Parachute

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About Us

   The MERLIN PPC line is the collective offerings of 2 people who love the sport of Powered Parchuting and have over 42 years of experiences doing it.   Low overhead and simple manufacturing practices, along with proven flight hours of these craft, offer a vehicle that is reasonable for many to fly.   We love to talk Powered Parachuting and give one on one attention to your flying craft and training needs.  We welcome your call and can get you started to the wonderful flight experiences of the PPC.


    Falcon Manufacturing (Wayland / Dorr MI.) builds the MERLIN POWERED PARACHUTE product.  The Owner/ Operator of Falcon MFG has produced all kinds of creative devices such as Loading Pickers, Powered Bikes, Trailers, Mini loader tractors, Paraglider equipment, Welding services and more for the past 10 years.  His partner, another PPC enthusiast,  has himself flown for 20+ years and is a licensed Pilot.  He has developed a SEAPLANE PPC and has knowledge of PPCs that contribute well to the design & manufacturing of the MERLIN PPC line.  He currently manages the Sales for the MERLIN PPC line.


       We are currently and contantly testing various engine, prop and wing combinations.   We fly every craft we build before the customer takes it to make sure it flies correctly.   





 Now $9,500 (limited time offer) for the Standard MERLIN PPC 

Pre-flown and ready to fly!  Includes 4-stroke 36 hp engine and Wing! 

All prices quoted per other customization options you want.

Engine options: 4 stroke engines - 22, 28 & 36 hp and 2 stroke 50 HP available.***

Parachute wing options are:  380 - 410sqft (rectangular) or 310 SEMI-ELIPTICALS



It is your responsability to understand the FAA part 103 ultralight rules as Owner/Opertor.


TRAINING - At our facility (Caulkins Field - Wayland, MI)  $2200

    Training dependent on weather conditions (low winds) and could take many days - plan accordingly.

     (Avg training times is 20 hours (10 hrs flight time), but some cases you need more hours) 

Please contact us and discuss the Training Plan we have!

            Prices may vary due to suppliers and other variables that we can not control.  We always try to offer the lowest cost.




TEL: 269-535-0340


The MERLIN Powered Parachute



No License - Training offered - Many Options for your customized PPC.


   Flying a Powered Parachute is easy and safe.  

2 controls to operate.  The throttle to go up or down.  Steering by hand toggles for right and left turns. 


   Welded steel tubing framework that is light, strong, easily repairable design. 

Engine is 4 stroke design - with long life and easy maintenance. 

Simple Belt / Pulley drive design allows relatively low RPMs to swing large props for good thrust. 

Reliable power with great gas consumption.

* 4 Stroke Engines - reliable and easy maintenance, 36 HP  (optional 50 HP 2 stroke)

* Parachute wings from leading manufactures in the industry.

* Props are 74", 2 blade, wood from supplier in USA.

  The MERLIN has options for your custom requirements.   


WE also Manufacture and Sell the "MARINER" -  SEAPLANE version PPC   (See YouTube, Search - "Mariner PPC")

Full Lotus Floats - HIRTH engines- 3 Blade WARP DRIVE Prop - Rectangular or semi-elip parawing

Its the ultimate recreational flying vehicle for Lakes and Rivers.   Starting at $32,500.


TRAINING - It is highly recommended you get training.  Safety is of the utmost Importance!!


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